Retail Chain Account Programs

Marshlands Canada has created custom programs to meet the needs of various sized retail organizations.

SpaceSaver T-shirt Program

In 2006, Marshlands Canada created a line of printed t-shirts for retail stores across the country. These t-shirts are available in over 200 designs, which include wildlife, hunting/fishing, camping, gardening, sports, and humorous themes.

The success of the program, however, has been due to our specialized merchandising SpaceSaver display racks which provide high sales volume in only 4 square feet of floor space. Combined with our effective in-store support services, the rack and t-shirt program has created significant sales for our retail partners. As part of this program, we periodically revise our design selection and work with management to meet their regional needs.


Emerson Street Program 

Emerson nightshirt or bathing suit cover up in a bag is a one size fits most ladies V neck garment featuring humorous designs by well known artist Emerson Quillan. The designs are printed on the outside of the bag with the garment rolled up inside with the same graphic. This is a great impulse item that many people can’t resist. We offer two displays one being a counter top and the other a floor stand. Both are designed to take up very little space and give you maximum exposure in a limited area.  






This unique and attractive bath and body products line from the UK is made totally by hand with all natural pure products bursting with essential oils. This full range of body care and moisturizing products are a must for the retailer that wants to distinguish themselves from the rest.  All products are designed to fit in trays that in turn fit on the 18 tray display unit or the 3 tier displayer allowing you to mix and match different types of products for a beautiful display.


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